About Israel Tanenbaum

Producer - Pianist - Composer - Arranger

Israel Tanenbaum is a versatile music creator and experienced producer who has participated in over 100 recordings; has composed music for documentary, TV, film, videogames and theater; and has performed with Latin, Jazz and Pop stars around the world.

Born in New York, pianist Israel Tanenbaum has worked with renown artists such as Pete "El Conde" Rodríguez, Daniel Santos, Brenda K. Starr, Santitos Colón, Richie Flores, Cheo Feliciano, Tony Escapa, Giovanni Hidalgo, Dave Valentin, Raúl Marrero, Marvin Santiago, Tommy Olivencia, Orquesta Mulenze, Lalo Rodríguez and Ednita Nazario. In the 80s he spent time with his band in Hawaii and Asia Pacific and then moved to Puerto Rico where he was the musical director for Roberto Roena's band Apollo Sound.

With Batacumbele, Israel traveled to the Caribbean Music Festival in Cartagena, Colombia, where he joined Alexis Lozano to arrange and produce many hits that launched Guayacán Orquesta to the international scene (Oiga Mire Vea, Te amo Te extraño, Mi Muchachita, Vestido Bonito, Invierno en Primavera, among others). In the 90s Tanenbaum produced artists like Checo Acosta, Galy Galiano, Iván y Lucía, Grupo Clase and Alfredo De La Fe for whom he lead the band that traveled to Europe's Jazz Festivals. In 2002 Israel reconnected with Alfredo in New York and put together a band that toured the US and the Caribbean. Throughout his career Tanenbaum has shown a flair for making music that helps tell stories in theater, film, videogames, jingles, videos and even radio.

Guayacan album cover

Guayacan Orquesta

Considered one of the most prestigious Salsa bands in Latin America; Tanenbaum arranged, produced and recorded the pianos for their early hits

Dave Valentin

Dave Valentin

Israel has shared the stage with flute player Dave Valentin, bassist John Benitez, David Sanchez and other legendary Jazz musicians

Swing movie


Israel composed and produced Jimbo Duel for the award winning soundtrack of Martin Guigui's movie Swing

Roberto Roena's Apollo Sound

Roberto Roena y su Apollo Sound

Launched in tandem with NASA's Apollo 11, Roena's is a long-standing band that Tanenbaum lead when they recorded "Regreso"


"Tanenbaum's nexus with Colombian musicians began thanks to the friendship he had with Guayacan's director Alexis Lozano, whom he met during the 1986 Caribbean Music Festival. Precisely, his musical talent and vision made him quickly become one of the most sought after musicians of the time. During his ten years in Colombia, Tanenbaum left about 100 recordings. He did so with Guayacan, Niche, Alfredo de la Fe, 'Checo' Acosta, Grupo Clase, Iván y Lucía, and Cañabrava among other artists."